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Do I need visa to travel to Russia?

Most of the citizens need visa to travel to Russia. 

What visa types exist?

There are the following visa types:

Tourist: validity and maximum stay period is 30 days with 1-2 entries. In the extreme situations it is possible to prolong this visa till 90 days. To apply to this visa, it is necessary to present a tourist voucher and a hotel reservation for all period of stay.

Commercial visa: maximum validity is 365 days, maximum stay 90 day in each semester with 1, 2 or multiple entries. It is the ideal visa for those who travel a lot, or who is planning to stay in Russia more then 30 days.

Private visa: it is necessary to present in the consulate the original of the official invitation letter made in Russian Internal Authorities by your parents or friends. It takes approximately 1 month to prepare this invitation.

Transit visa: if you travel to other country crossing Russia and plan to go out of the Russian airport, you need a transit visa. To arrange it, it is necessary to present in the consulate a fly or train ticket and the insurance policy.

May I make a private travel with the commercial visa?

Yes, you can. This visa type allows you to visit Russia with business, study, juridic purposes, cultural exchanges, religious/sport activities, private objectives.

How long time it take to arrange a visa to Russia?

The consulate terms depend on the visa duration; normally it is about 1-10 days. 

Does my child need a visa to

If your child has his own passport, he needs a personal visa.

What nationalities you are working with arranging visas to

This service is offered to the citizens all over the world.

When, where and how I have to register my Russian visa?

All visas (except transit visas) have to register during the first 3 days of stay in Russia (weekend doesn’t count). If you are lodging at the hotel, the visa registration is made by the hotel staff. If you are living in a private house, the house holder has to register you in his house. This is made in any post office.

Is it possible to prolong a visa, staying in Russia?

Russian visas normally are not prolonged in Russia. In some extreme situations (illness, accident, etc.) your visa can be prolonged for 2 weeks as maximum.

If I lost my passport or it was stolen, what have I do?

First of all, you have to go to the nearest police department. Than go to your country consulate in Russia and ask for a new passport or return permit. After that, the strangers department will arrange you an exit visa. Normally, it takes 5 days to arrange all necessary documents.

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